'I am totally grateful that I truly love what I do and

adore assisting people on their journey to optimum health.' 


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Oliver Barnett

MD London Clinic of Nutrition

"Kate is an

experienced, intuitive, medical professional.

She has the ability to work her way through the complex web of systems biology with great ease, to ensure that her patients are getting to the root cause of their health issues. As a colleague,

I highly recommend and endorse her"


"With a

scientific background in Psychology and a clear understanding of the root cause of disease, Kate uses her advanced Functional Medicine and nutritional training to help people achieve their health goals. I am delighted to  wholeheartedly recommend


Amelia Freer

Author & Nutritional Therapist


"Kate's knowledge

and enthusiasm

are truly inspiring and I feel privileged to have been able to experience her passion for nutrition first hand. I would highly recommend Kate to anyone, at any stage of their journey into optimum health."

Gemma Griffin

Nutritional Therapist

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