My Team

My Team

'I am really fortunate to have an experienced team working alongside me.

We are here to help you to reach your

health goals. We cut through the nutrition noise and support you with the latest cutting edge researched nutritional and lifestyle





Registered Nutritional Therapist 


An experienced

BANT and CNHC registered Nutritional Therapist, Alexis trained at London’s renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition. 


She uses the functional medicine approach in her practice, and has a particular interest in digestive health, autoimmune conditions, thyroid, adrenal health and weight management.


Alexis's approach is very much around giving clients the knowledge and tools to understand their health condition and to feel in control of their own health, through the use of lifestyle changes and delicious, easy to prepare food. 



Registered Nutritional Therapist

& Clinic Manager

 Originally trained

as a secondary school teacher, Jo had a successful career in tech marketing before pursuing her goal of becoming a Nutritional Therapist.

She studied at the acclaimed Institute for Optimum Nutrition and her specialist area is weight loss and binge eating. 

Jo is a pivotal part of our team, working as both a nutritional therapist and clinic manager.

She runs the business administration and 

marketing of our clinic.



Suzy  is our Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. Suzy trained with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and is also an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner.


After a successful 22-year career in PR,  Suzy followed her heart and retrained as a health coach. She now works with individuals, groups and organisations to empower people to take back their health, boost their energy, feel comfortable in their own skin and start to thrive.


Suzy leads our online coaching programmes and she  can be contacted at





Health Coach

 & NLP Practitioner