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The Consultation Process

Before Before committing to any online or clinic consultation or package with us, you have an opportunity for a 15-20 minute complimentary Zoom call where you meet with one of the team. This is your chance to have a chat with us about your health and we can discuss whether we feel we can help you and if you are suitable for one of our functional medicine and nutrition packages . If you decide to book with us, a detailed questionnaire and food diary from our software, Practice Better, will be sent to you. This covers questions relating to your medical history, symptoms, diet and lifestyle and will usually take about 30 minutes to complete. We advise you to really think about your answers as some of this information will be used to construct your personalised timeline and Functional Medicine plan. All information gathered is fully confidential. During Your first consultation will last one hour 15 minutes where we will fully discuss your concerns, your health and family history, significant events and any recent laboratory work. The main focus of your consultation will be on your health goals, your health optimisation and investigating the root cause(s) of any symptom you are experiencing. Possible underlying causes of any concern and possible steps to remedy them will be talked over. If a certain area needs further investigation, appropriate functional testing may be recommended. It is important for us to get to know the kind of person that you are so that she can tailor make a plan suited to your specific needs. We are all biochemically unique and personalised plans are at the cornerstone of our approach. After The follow up consultations are designed to help you achieve your goals. They offer accountability and ongoing support by assessment of your progress, discussion of testing that may have been undertaken and re-evalution of any recommendations made. We personally support and guide you throughout your ongoing six month programme with two longer and two shorter follow up consultations, spaced out and taken at your convenience. You can send your practitioner updates and messages throughout your programme via your Practice Better portal. Continuing support is vital to the success of your programme as we fully understand how difficult it is to change lifestyle and dietary habits.  At the end of your package it may be beneficial to meet for further consultations. This will depend on your specific health profile, the complexity of your case, your individual goals and the level of support that you require.

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Functional Testing

We are trained to use the most advanced and specialised nutritional and functional laboratory testing in the world.

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Clinic Locations


We all see patients at our clinic in Bath and internationally via Zoom video conferencing and Skype.

Kate has a monthly clinic in London.

2 Wimpole Street



Widcombe Doctors' Surgery

3-4 Widcombe Parade



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