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Health & Nutrition Testing



Kate and her team have access to a wide range of up to date functional laboratory tests that they routinely use in order to help address the unique health profiles of her clients. During your initial consultation we will discuss whether laboratory testing is appropriate for you. 

Functional testing fees are in addition to consultation fees. They are usually paid to the laboratory directly.

A comprehensive range of functional tests are available


  • Advanced lipid testing & cardiovascular markers

  • Allergy, intolerance and food sensitivity testing

  • Amino acids

  • Blood haematology and biochemistry

  • Comprehensive digestive analysis

    • Gut microbiome testing (stool)

    • Oral Microbiome testing (saliva)

    • SIBO (breath test)

    • Parasitology (stool)

  • Fatty acid status

  • Genetic testing

  • Heavy metals

  • Hormones 

  • Immunology and autoimmune panels

  • Organic Acids

  • Other profiles

    • Pyroluria

  • Oxidative stress

  • Vitamin profiles

  • Viral and bacterial titres

Kate uses the following laboratories for nutritional and functional tests: 

Genova Diagnostics 
Regenerus Laboratories 
Cyrex Laboratories 

The Doctors Laboratory (TDL)
Invivo Healthcare 


We give personalised nutritional advice.

To do this we use targeted laboratory tests to gain an understanding of how your body functions. Such tests are really important in the process of finding out where your metabolic baseline is. They can help to pinpoint underlying nutritional insufficiencies, issues with body systems and biochemical  imbalances.

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