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Kate Garden


Kate is an IFM Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and a Registered Nutritionist.


She is a member of The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), the British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT) and the Complementary Healthcare Council (CHNC).

My Journey

My interest in health began when I was at university in London studying for a degree in Psychology. I was a typical student drinking, partying until dawn and eating a processed diet consisting mainly of bread, pasta and cheese. ​'Although I was fascinated by my studies and the intricate workings of the human brain, ironically I was suffering from anxiety, depression, eczema and fatigue.' I put it down to being a young person in London, far from family, managing full-time studies and a demanding part time job. My GP put me on Prozac and the Pill and I tried counselling, but my depression, anxiety and other symptoms continued. ​I didn't realise then that actually my neurological symptoms, skin issues and low energy were merely a manifestation of my compromised gut health and imbalanced nutritional status, driven by my poor diet, previous medication and my erratic student lifestyle.  ​After a short spell in the music industry, a couple of years travelling the world and still suffering with health issues, my clever medical father suggested I read 'The Optimum Nutrition Bible.' Many concepts in that text made real sense to me, so, keen to learn more about the science of nutrition, I enrolled on a 4 year course at The Institute of Optimum Nutrition (ION) in London. I completed it in 3 years graduating in 2003. 'My years at ION, an independent not-for profit educational charity, were simply life changing.' ​There, I learnt how to manipulate my own diet to feel better and then I started to help friends. I was taught to separate the media driven nutritional dogma from the actual scientific evidence and of the importance of personalised nutrition. I learnt about the phenomenal impact that our repeated behaviours and food choices have on our health and that our physical and emotional wellbeing is something that we have a huge amount of control over. I have been practising as a clinical nutritionist for over 15 years helping a huge number of patients during that time. I have continued my studies, constantly scrutinising the medical literature and attending lectures and seminars in my quest for helping both myself and others achieve robust health. It is however my own clients and patients that have really deepened my knowledge about the complexity of the human body and the interconnecting system of systems that we are. ​'Over the last few years I've trained in Functional Medicine with The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) in the USA, and have been fortunate to learn the cutting edge medical and nutritional science from the best doctors worldwide.' ​My IFM training has enabled my practice to become more medically integrated and I am delighted to be amongst a handful of UK based IFM Certified Practitioners that are helping to transform the way medicine is practised in this country. On a personal level, as a mum of three, nutrition and health is at the heart of family life. Giving my children healthy foundations and empowering them to understand how their body works and what it needs are skills that I hope will, in part, set them up for life.  'Given the right conditions, the body and mind has an amazing ability to heal itself and I'm passionate about passing on this important message.'


IFM Training Completed

Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP)

Cardiometabolic Advanced Practice Module

Immune Advanced Practice Module

Energy Advanced Practice Module

Detox Advanced Practice Module

Hormone Advanced Practice Module

GI Advanced Practice Module

Post Graduate Training 

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Brain Neuroplasticity & Neurodegeneration
Gluten Sensitivity & Coeliac Disease
The Microbiome
Lyme Disease
Functional Testing
Food Sensitivity
The Bredesen Protocol
Kharrazian Institute Training 


Gastrointestinal Clinical Strategies & Treatment Applications

Autoimmunity Clinical Strategies

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