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Children's Nutrition Clinic


Baby & Toddler Clinic,  0 - 24 months

As a mum of three children,  Kate is passionate about kids' health and supporting them from a naturopathic and nutritional framework.


Kate helps babies and toddlers with all aspects of nutrition from feeding, weaning, colic, food sensitivities, eczema to gut and behavioural issues.


Children's Clinic,  2-12 years

Nutrition is often underused and overlooked as a powerful tool in supporting children's health. Whether you have a child with an upset tummy or frequent headaches, a nutrition consultation can certainly help.


Common complaints  that Kate sees regularly in clinic are  energy, immune or skin issues. Many 'fussy eaters' have  been turned around as a result of working with Kate.


Teenage Clinic, age 12-18

Teenagers have unique nutritional needs. It's a time of rapid growth and raging hormones that together, with a high sugar or processed food diet, can often trigger skin, mood and gut issues.


Whilst medications can often clear the symptoms, they often come with side effects. Targeted nutritional and supplemental support can often address and help the teenage mind and body.

Kate is a mum of a 14 year old boy (pictured) and enjoys the challenge of naturally supporting the tricky teenage years.

Test Tubes

Health & Nutrition Testing

It is sometimes necessary for Kate to recommend testing over and above what a GP would recommend to pinpoint an underlying issue with a child. We use stool testing, urinary analysis and bloodwork


Kate is trained and uses the latest, cutting edge functional testing from laboratories around the world in order to pinpoint underlying health issues for children. For more information about the tests we use click here.

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