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Do you want evidence based, personalised dietary and lifestyle


You are at the right place.

I am a leading IFM Certified nutritionist with 20 years clinical experience.

I head a dynamic team of qualified health professionals. We are trained in 

nutrition, functional medicine coaching and psychology.


We get to the root cause(s) of your health issues by using the

Functional Medicine and integrative care model.


We offer a range of clinical consultations where we cut through the

nutrition noise and health fads to work out a truly personalised health


We take the latest scientific research and use a functional, systems based,

whole body and mind approach based on an in-depth case history,

physical examination and functional laboratory tests.


We understand that you are unique and need an individual approach. We partner with you to educate, inform and support you.

We also offer a number of other consultancy services including group consultations and talks.

We have a dedicated clinics in Bath and London and offer international Zoom or Skype consultations.

for any questions about any of our services, 

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What our patients say

"My visit to Kate Garden Health was the best

health investment that I have ever made. Their combined experience, scientific knowledge, extensive training and the

the lab tests they use are cutting edge and they understood

 the different parts of my health jigsaw in a way that no one else had ever pieced together.

I cannot thank Kate and her team enough for turning my health around."

Mark Howard

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